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Become the next New York Community Manager

We are now looking for a new Community Manager for the New York Architecture Diary.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with a variety of individuals and organisations in your city, learn from our growing global network of community managers and be a leading voice in your cities’ architectural conversation.

As a Community Manager for your city, you’ll be able to bring together a range of cultural and architectural partners for your diary, help promote architectural engagement in your city as well as curate the Guest Editors section.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Community Manager and bringing the Architecture Diary to your city, do get in touch.



The Architecture Diary is your go-to guide for architecture exhibitions and events from an expanding network of world cities. Since launching our first edition in 2005, we have been an essential guide to what’s going on in architecture across the world.

The Architecture Diary is an open platform, allowing everyone who organises architecture and design events to upload and promote their event listings in a quick, easy and free way.

As well as up to date event listings, the website also offers a monthly guest editorial from a leading thinker in the industry who picks out their highlights of what’s happening. This is issued at the beginning of the month to the ever-growing Architecture Diary database, as well as shared on social media.

What’s more we’re now able to help individuals or organisations launch an Architecture Diary in their own city.




Why we love it in Ireland –

The Ireland Architecture Diary has really changed how both organisations and the public see architecture and design-related events across the island. For the first time, talks, exhibitions, festivals, and more, are now available to view all in one place. This has allowed event organisers to coordinate with colleagues and avoid conflicting schedules, while audiences can better plan ahead and appreciate the full variety and number of events taking place each week. Ultimately, it demonstrates the richness of architectural culture in Ireland and helps build a case for further support and future funding. Being Community Manager means contributing to that effort to sustain and promote a culture of architecture in Ireland.

Michael Hayes, Ireland Community Manager


Why we love it in London –

The London Architecture Diary has provided us with a fantastic place to bring together everything that takes place across London in one place, which hadn’t really happened before. The diary therefore becomes a fantastic resource for architects, cultural institutions and individuals alike. It is also a great way for us to amplify voices from across the industry and build connections through our month guest editor pieces. We are very excited for what the future looks like for the diary!

Eliza Grosvenor, London Community Manager


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