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New York City is taking an integrative approach to environmental justice (EJ) to address disproportionate environmental, climate, and health impacts on low-income communities and communities of color. Join us for a discussion of the necessary and comprehensive shifts in City and State decision-making, and how these shifts will influence the way we design and live in our cities.

New York City’s EJ laws, including Local Law 60 and Local Law 64, are guiding the establishment of an EJ Advisory Board and completion of an Environmental Justice for All Report. This data-driven report will inform an EJ Plan, incorporating key concerns and initiatives identified by the report into all aspects of the City’s decision-making and planning. In addition, the State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act outlines prioritization of disadvantaged and low-to-moderate income communities.

Please join us, in person or virtually, for a discussion with policy experts about how environmental justice considerations will impact decision-making and planning across the City, particularly with respect to our built environment. Our speakers will provide an overview of New York City’s environmental justice policy, followed by a discussion of why energy efficiency and decarbonization efforts should be prioritized for EJ neighborhoods, and strategies for incorporating environmental justice into future planning.

Climate Mobilization Act Series: Integrative Environmental Justice

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Event Type(s) Talks and Debates
Admission / Cost FREE
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Organiser The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex)

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Address: Surrogate's Courthouse
31 Chambers Street, Suite 608
New York
NY 10007
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